Madison, WI

Hello, Mad-city!
Lindsay and I took a walk ON Lake Mendota. Yes, I said ON. It was a Wisconsin winter and cold enough to freeze the lakes. It is cold like that every winter, and locals would read this and be like, "big deal, Court?" Lindsay snapped a shot of me with the capitol in the background.
Do I look cold? The capitol is on the hill in Madison and in the middle of the isthmus. You can't pass through town without getting a good view of the capitol. In fact, they passed a law saying that no building on the square could be taller than the last tallest building built, which started the controversy about blocking the view of the capitol. Oops.


Raleigh, NC

Where would I even start? I grew up just outside of Raleigh in Cary, NC and I went to undergrad at NCSU. I've passed this building more times that any other capitol, and I have more stories with Raleigh as the backdrop than any other capital (note, I've lived in three capitals). When I think of this area, I think of all the memories that made a life. As a poly sci major how could I not idolize this humble, old building where my home state matured.
I guess I'll start with the picture. I took this the summer before I moved to Madison, WI. I knew that the Capitolization Project was in my future and I wanted to get started. No other city should be my #1 than Raleigh. I rode my bike around the building to get a lot of different angles. Eventually, I settled for this. This side isn't on the side where Hillsborough Street T intersects with all the traffic but, one that most people don't bother to see. In the car you would speed by it to make the next light. I am sure I look at this Capitol differently from every other one. I've seen it from every angle and at every age. It is a humble building, but will always be my first and best acquainted Capital.

Since I know there are others with great Raleigh memories, I'd love to hear them - perhaps the first school field trip, making rubbings the monuments on the grounds, wandering around Fayetteville Street Mall when it was still ped friendly.