Concord, NH

I had a day with nothing to do, so why not drive to Concord and see the capitol. It was a nice drive, a little over an hour. New Hampshire is a beautiful state. The further you get from the NH Boston suburbs, the more quaint towns and local character you'll find.

I drove into Concord looking for the capitol and thought I was heading the right direction. There was a strip of small stores, diners and cafes. On the left the buildings opened up to a lot of greenery. Oblivious, I coasted by the capitol and barely noticed. The building is a bit small. Whoops.

I continued on to find a place to turn around, and the next place I found to turn around was the nearby state prison. When I told this story to my friend, Dodge, I told him I was interested to know how many capitols had state prisons within a rock throw distance of the capitol. So, I'll be ont he lookout when I am visiting other capital cities. It reminds me of Raleigh with a modest capitol and a state prison right on prime downtown real estate. Proximity is very good reminder of cause and effect - lawmaker versus law breaker.

When I got back to the building, I took a few pictures. The grounds were well maintained and there were a few families spending time having picnics and playing around in the grass. I crossed the street to get a cup of coffee, listened to the locals talk about NH life, and drove myself home.