Raleigh, NC

Where would I even start? I grew up just outside of Raleigh in Cary, NC and I went to undergrad at NCSU. I've passed this building more times that any other capitol, and I have more stories with Raleigh as the backdrop than any other capital (note, I've lived in three capitals). When I think of this area, I think of all the memories that made a life. As a poly sci major how could I not idolize this humble, old building where my home state matured.
I guess I'll start with the picture. I took this the summer before I moved to Madison, WI. I knew that the Capitolization Project was in my future and I wanted to get started. No other city should be my #1 than Raleigh. I rode my bike around the building to get a lot of different angles. Eventually, I settled for this. This side isn't on the side where Hillsborough Street T intersects with all the traffic but, one that most people don't bother to see. In the car you would speed by it to make the next light. I am sure I look at this Capitol differently from every other one. I've seen it from every angle and at every age. It is a humble building, but will always be my first and best acquainted Capital.

Since I know there are others with great Raleigh memories, I'd love to hear them - perhaps the first school field trip, making rubbings the monuments on the grounds, wandering around Fayetteville Street Mall when it was still ped friendly.