Lansing, MI

Apologies first. Sorry Michigan, even though I can attribute some of my negativity to fatigue and weather, your capitol is my least favorite so far.

I was exhausted from packing and loading the truck. I was also very anxious for the new life that awaited in Boston. Yea, new life! But, wait let's stop in Lansing on the way?!

In mid-December 2004, Emily, my moving helper, and I left Madison, WI to drive a Uhaul towing my car across Illinois, Michigan, Canada, and New York to someday arrive in Boston.

Always with the 50 goal in mind, we took a slight detour to Lansing. This was probably the only time I would get through Michigan without making a special trip. Getting off the highway and navigating the Uhaul with the car in tow was not easy. Driving the whole way was terrifying, but navigating city streets was the worst part of the trip. All I could think was - who am I going to kill with tons of my belongings... oh and where do I turn? Sigh.

As the picture shows, it was an overcast winter day in Lansing. There wasn't a lot of lush landscaping like other many other capitols. The city had engulfed all the extra space. I considered getting out of the truck and spending some time in Lansing to improve my mood, but the time was getting late and the weather was uncooperative. Besides, where would I park this behemoth? Bye, Lansing.

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