Olympia, WA

Two years ago, my parents semi-retired to Bellingham, Washington. I finally got a chance to visit and, of course, squeezed in a tirp to the capital, Olympia. Mom and dad scooped me up from the airport, grabbed some lunch, and made our way south. I think I fell asleep in the car... and then, like an outdoorsy fairytale, I woke up in pretty town.

The entire state is beautiful! Olympia is gorgeous too! The main street is speckled with coffee shops and benches. It seems like every inch of the state is covered in green. The grounds were the nicest grounds I have seen. and the capitol has an unbelievable view of the water.

Behold the beauty of the legislative building
Well, now what?

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Anonymous said...

I had a friend in Bellingham in the late 70's who owned a second hand store called The Funky Junk. Used to love the area and visited often when I lived In Vancouver,BC. Nice to see you are still going at it!