Topeka, KS

Hello, Kansas! Sadly the statehouse was under construction, but we made up for it with crazy enthusiasm.

I was joined by two O'Connells for a heartland adventure. Topeka was our first heartland stop after flying into Kansas City, Missouri. Three girls, watch out.

As we strolled around downtown to find a lunch spot, we noticed a few signs in the windows saying that guns were no allowed inside places like libraries, state police office, Board of Education. Wow, Kansas, wow. Way to limit those rights!

Regardless of our fears for personal safety, we had fun strolling around the capital and around town. We found a Mexican restaurant, that despite using oregano rather that cilantro, redeemed itself with its gratuitous use of crashed ice. 
Next stop for this blog on this middle American road trip... Lincoln, NE

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Anonymous said...

Cool, I get a rush on your behalf when I see a new Capitol, lol!