Hartford, CT

Hartford is a quick drive from Boston, and we had a good excuse to cruise by - my friend Amy was having the reception that followed up her destination wedding. The party was about thirty minutes from Hartford, but isn't everywhere in Connecticut thirty minutes from Hartford - or so I hear...

We had extra time, and it was a beautiful day, so we took a detour into downtown Hartford. The building is gorgeous and overlooks a public park with a carousel. We spent some time walking around the little pond, and I even convinced Dennis to get on the carousel. Who doesn't love a summer time carousel ride?!

I must admit before I spent time visited, I pictured Hartford as a yucky, desolate downtown, but that did not seem to be the case when we passed through. There were families in the park and kids playing. There were people relaxing and throwing bread crumbs out for birds near the pond. I am glad we had the extra time to hang around instead of snapping a picture and speeding along.

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