Montpelier, VT

Last summer, I went to Montpelier to visit friends who recently moved into town. It was my first trip there, and I was amazed. It is the cutest little town. Everywhere in New England in summer is bustling since we can finally get outdoors without kicking snow out of our way. Montpelier was no exception. It has a busy market and downtown shops with people strolling by casually enjoying the day. On the right is a view from a hilltop observations tower we hiked up. Somewhere in all that green lushness is the town. I think you can see one roof top if you squint.

My favorite picture of the Capitol is this one. The building looks fantastic against the green hill and the beautiful sky. It inspires all of the typical feelings of greatness and intimidation. What I like best though is tucked in on the left side. The small gray building is the old Capitol. I like that they didn't tear the history down, and I like to compare the difference in scale. Government had such humble beginnings.

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