Baton Rouge, LA

Woohoo, what an amazing capitol!

It is huge - 34 stories. It was built during the Depression (a big thanks to super corrupt, politically rich, and assassinated, Gov. Huey Long). When I saw this, it reminded me how fun it is to see what each state does to show its governing dominance. Way to go, Louisiana!

Also, a big thanks to my traveling companions - Lisa, Beth, and Chris - for humoring me as I took a gazillions pictures. I don't usually drag a crowd with me. I'm sure they feel like the lucky ones; right, y'all?

For reference, this is the old capitol. It is a little shorter, but still distinctive. You can't see it in the picture, but the old lady that stopped me on the street really thought the best feature was the rod iron fencing that was being replaced. I could give you the history... yawn.. that she gave me... but... zzz... snore... zzz


beth said...

ah yes, that crazy wrought iron loving lady.... love love love that we got to go with you on that adventure!

Erica said...

Hey stranger! What a great project! I don't even know what the 50 capitols ARE! I really should learn them on my own and stop blaming my lack of geography skills on PS 99! Ugh.